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    Taken from the heart of the city of Gujranwala, Zaza’s restaurant delivers this traditional Punjabi cuisine to the UK in emphatic style. Gujranwala has long been known as the ‘City of wrestlers’ or as we say in Punjabi “Phelwana da shehar” and has produced some of the finest wrestlers and bodybuilders of the subcontinent. Conscious about their health, these wrestlers chose a strict diet of healthy grilled food, the most popular amongst them being Chicken Malaye Tikka and Chicken Kasoori Tikka.

    Based around these traditions, the family recipes have been added to and passed down for years, and these flavours have now drifted onto the streets of Whitechapel in London.

    Run by three brothers, who share a passion for the food of their country and their heritage, Zaza’s Restaurant is fast becoming popular among st locals and the city folk alike.  Come to Central Whitechapel to experience the warmth of food and family.  Ofcourse as a Grill there is always room for lamb chops the measure of a great restaurant.


    108A Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JE

    Our restaurant is based a minute away from  the  prestigious East London Mosque,  and within a short walk from Whitechapel Underground Station.

    Parking is available nearby, however, we do recommend you check the parking restrictions in certain areas before parking your car.  In the evening the restrictions do not apply.


    Please use the form to make your suggestions, enquire about our services or for general questions. We will endeavor to come back to you soon.


      • ZAZAS was recommended to me by a friend, and I took the initiative to try it out.  It was exactly how my friend described it to me.  A very pleasant, and a beautiful atmosphere for the family to enjoy a great meal.
        Saad (Dubai)
      • Absolutely delighted with the service and the food was delicious.
        Aftab (Birmingham)
      • Great place to dine, and the food was really what I was expecting to be like.  Very tasteful.
        Ian Smith (Watford)
      • Just Perfect!
        Hera (South Wales)


      • SET MENU 1
      • £14 pp
      • STARTER
      • Sheak Kebab, Samosa (Meat & Veg)
      • MAIN
      • Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry, Mix Veg, Pilau Rice, Naan Bread
      • DRINKS
      • Pepsi, Sprite
      • SET MENU 2
      • £16 pp
      • STARTER
      • Chicken Tikka, Sheak Kebab, Samosa (Meat & Veg)
      • MAIN
      • Chicken Jalfrezi, Lamb Jalfrezi, Tarka Dall (Lentil), Pilau Rice, Naan Bread
      • DRINKS
      • Coke & Sprite
      • SET MENU 3
      • £18 pp
      • STARTER
      • Chill Paneer, Malaye Tikka, Sheak Kebab, Samosa (Veg & Meat)
      • MAIN
      • Chicken Jalfrezi, Dall Gosht, Bombay Potato, Pilau Rice
      • DRINKS
      • Coke & Sprite
      • SET MENU 4
      • £20 pp
      • STARTER
      • Mix Grill
      • MAIN
      • Chicken Curry, Lamb Jalfrezi, Bombay Potato, Rice, Naan Bread
      • DRINKS
      • Coke & Sprite